About Richland Engineering Limited

The consulting engineering firm of Richland Engineering Limited was founded in 1968. Headquartered in Mansfield, Ohio, we are a limited partnership managed by three senior partners:

These senior partners bring numerous years of experience to the firm's expertise in engineering. To perpetuate Richland Engineering for many years to come, associate partners have been added to the firm, from whom will come the future managers of Richland Engineering Limited:

Richland Engineering Limited has an experienced professional staff of Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Highway Engineers, Traffic Engineers, Airport Engineers, Sanitary Engineers, Surveyors, and Inspectors. Areas of specialty include:

Highly-qualified design technicians, CAD technicians, computer specialists, and clerical staff support the professional staff. The total team is geared to develop the solution to our client's projects with total in-house teamwork.

Since its founding, the firm has been tested by hundreds of successful projects. During each project, we build a close working relationship with our client. This allows us to better determine the full scope of the project, and to find better solutions.

At Richland Engineering Limited, our people speak for our firm. We believe our employees are our best corporate communicators. Through their abilities and attitudes, our clients have learned that they can depend on Richland Engineering Limited, trust the firm's judgment, rely on its expertise in all the services the firm offers, and respect the integrity of the partners of the firm.